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It’s all about user engagement and interaction. If you want a popular, effective Facebook page, you need to make people think and react. Here are seven ideas for inspiring lively conversations.

A Word of Caution

There are lots of different ways to get people talking on Facebook, but you should never initiate a conversation on topics that are extremely sensitive or potentially offensive. Stay away from things like religion, race, and politics, especially if your business has absolutely nothing to do with them. These controversial topics are likely to spark heated conversations, but rarely in a positive or constructive way. You don’t want to offend your fans or attract negative attention. This doesn’t mean you can never pose a provocative topic, just use good judgment when doing so.

Conduct a Poll

Facebook has a nifty feature that allows you to create polls for your fans – use it. A good poll question can focus on anything from the serious to the humorous – it just has to be evoke some kind of emotional response in people that will make them want to contribute their vote. Ask them to explain their votes in the comments.

Caption Contest

Post a humorous or interesting photograph, and ask fans to write their best caption and leave it in the comments. Also ask them to “like” their favorites. You could then create a poll with the most popular responses, and give the winner a small prize.
Interesting Articles

Look for the most interesting articles you can find that have to do with your industry or niche. Post the links, and encourage fans to read the article and post their responses in the comments. It’s even better if the articles lend themselves well to debate (in contrast to, say, an article that’s only relating facts).

Personal Stories

People love to talk about themselves and share their stories, so ask them to in a post. Invite everyone to share their best story, and topics can include things like embarrassing moments, first dates, favorite pets, funniest things kids say, or best pranks. A good topic will inspire lots of great responses and provide a very entertaining read.

Trends and Pop Culture

Bring up a new trend, pop culture, or anything that’s gaining significance, either within your niche or in general. Ask people for their opinions on it. You’ll get a lot of response, and you’ll also get valuable information about your fans likes, dislikes, and attitudes.

Funny Photos

Sometimes one of the best ways to spark conversation is to simply post a really funny photo (or other content, but photos work best). If you can make people laugh, they’ll often want to share their reactions or thoughts in the comments, and they’ll often say things that add even more humor to the conversation. Funny photos will get shared a lot, too.

Ask people for the best (and/or worst) advice on different topics, such as life in general or very specific questions that apply to your niche (best way to use a product, best place to find something, etc.). If you get a good question from a customer, consider posing it to all your fans and asking for their input.

Charlie Adams is a marketing professional and entrepreneur who loves to analyze the various ways in which social media can be used to increase exposure.

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