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It is best to keep WordPress updated to the latest version for number of reasons.


To keep WordPress secure you must always update WordPress as there is reason behind the update as there me a bug or a security flow that is found and we need to update WordPress.

There are two ways to upgrade WordPress one is to log in admin panel and click on update and then on the page you will see the updated version. Most of the time this works fine without any problems but often times there may across a problem in connection between servers and you do not get updated and you start getting errors as all files did not get updated.

Upgrading WordPress Manually

There comes a time when updates don’t always work out like they should on WordPress. However, WordPress can be updated by a manual update, using simple steps. Listed below and video you will find the steps in order to get WordPress completely up to date.

First you will need to back up your data base. In order to do this you will need to make sure to completely read the “Backing Up Your Database FAQ.” This is the best thing to do before any updates. This will help keep a backup of all of your current settings.

Second you will need to back up all of your WordPress files. Back up all of your files including your .htaccess file. If you are unsure how to do this read the “Backing Up Your WordPress site” FAQ. This will explain how to do this in further detailed instructions. After you have done these backups, be sure that you can access each of them. Next you shall need to disable all of the plugins. Once you have completely disabled all of your plugins you will begin the updating process.

Now that you are ready to start the updating process, first download and unzip the extracted WordPress package. Depending on how you plan on updating your WordPress, there are two steps you can take. Updating through a web server, and if you have shell access you can download WordPress directly to your own web server. You will find your WordPress file in a folder called WordPress.

Create a folder and move following files: wp-config.php, wp-content, wp-images, .htaccess, wp-includes/languages/ and any of your custom content in the folder.

You need to delete of rest of files and folders.

If you are unsure of how to delete files there are few ways you can do it. If you have FTP client you can use that and if you have Telenet or SSH you can use it too. The video below will show you how to delete files and folders.

After you have deleted your files, use your FTP to upload your files and folders to your sites server like you did when you first installed WordPress. except the the ones you moved in folder.

Now you will have to move over files and folders that were moved in the folder in step above to where you uploaded fresh copy of WordPress The video below will show you how.

Next, using your web browser go to the WordPress at the domainname/wp-admin/upgrade.php (or domainname/folder/wp-admin/upgrade.php) location. If you are in need of an update the upgrade script page will open , simply follow the instructions given to you.

The last steps are rather simple. Update your permalinks, then you will need update plug-ins and themes. Once you have done this, make sure all of your plug-ins have been reactivated.

Once you have done all this you will be completely updated your WordPress. If you are still having problems then remember that you have a backup of all of your previous settings. Simply roll back to those settings and you will be right where you were before.

The video will show how to update/upgrade manually

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Govindji Patel

3 Responses to How To Upgrade WordPress Manually

  • anwar says:

    Hi I tried to update my wordpress manually as per the instrcutions given and site was opened for 1 day and now the pages are not loading,when i appraoch godaddy they are not helping at all instead,they are telling useless things to do already i tried all of them but no use,even i dont have that many pages.when I enter into godaddy filemanager I see some files and scripts apart from wp-content,wp-includes,wp-admin and .htaccess,they are like


    I dont understand what all are this..I have only one domain registered with them..please help me in this

    • The files with wp- are all wordpress files do not delete them
      check with Go Daddy if you are on a window server or a linux server switch to linux server if you are on window server.