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We use this Essential WordPress Plugins as the driving force behind almost all our sites because they are simple to set up, it is easy to use, are fully customizable. WordPress has lots of ready-made Themes and plug-in available to change your site from a simple blog through to a fully functional shop-front to sell your goods and services.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of plugins out there, both free options and paid options, which can in their own way help you tweak and change your WordPress installation into exactly what you want.

Now, because we set up so many different sites for either testing or running as niche businesses we have been developing a simple distribution platform that allows us to do one-click Installs and have our WordPress sites automatically configured for optimal performance.

As part of this new tool we have integrated the plugins we find ourselves installing on each of our WordPress sites as our base install before we add any extras into the mix for the Individual sites, so what we have done is put them into this handy report so that you can see what we use day-in day-out as part of all of our sites.

There are of course more plugins which offer similar functionality to the ones we have chosen to Include here, but these are the ones which we have found work for us consistently well over our network of sites, which is why they have made the final cut.
We have split them into four sections: SEO; Utilities; Accessibility & Site Layout; and Sharing &
Social Media.

You can read about what each plugin by clicking on the link from repository.

SEO Plugins

WordPress Seo By Yoast
SEO Ultimate
WP No Category Base
Google XML Sitemaps with Multisite Support
W3 Total Cache
Utilities Plugins
Ultimate Google Analytics
Block Spam By Math Relaoded
Accessibility & Site Layout
Sharing & Social Media Plugins
Wibya Tool Bar

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Govindji Patel
Govindji Patel

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